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JNBY established the Sesame Lab in 2021 to improve fabric utilization and reduce fabric waste. The Sesame Lab is dedicated to re-imagining, reusing, and recreating all reusable fabrics. While improving our forward-thinking design and R&D capabilities, we aim to develop a sustainable fashion model that is unique to JNBY.
The Sesame Lab designs and creates dolls, ornaments, accessories, bags, and other lifestyle artworks from waste daily stock fabrics, recreating and maximizing the value of each unused fabric. The innovative products thus developed have been used internally and in JNBY’s stores nationwide, and new products with both aesthetic and functional value have been introduced to the market through cross-border collaboration, which has proven to be very popular with customers.

Patchwork Bag

The bag is designed with scraps of fabric left over from the company's R&D and manufacturing processes, which are then sorted and combined according to different colors and stitched together to create bags. More than 500 patchwork bags have been made and sold at bookstores and art galleries so far.

Wool Tweed Tissue Box

The tissue box has been produced with tightly textured woolen tweed, with a form-hugging design based on the size of the bagged or boxed tissues. The four-way stretch sports knitted material was used to create an opening at the bottom, allowing for easy replacement and attaching securely. The square notch formed by the cut pieces served as inspiration for stacking the remaining square fabrics in a non-uniform manner to create a set of matching coasters, thereby realizing zero waste.

Rabbit Conference Bag

In the 2023 S/S ordering session, we produced 2512 conference bags using 1325 meters of the available stock of fabric.

Reused Products

Make various brands of laundry bags, coasters, throw pillows, lazy sofas and so on with stock fabrics.