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ESG Philosophy

JNBY believes in the sustainability concept of “People First, Nature First". It incorporates sustainability strategies into all aspects of operations and is always focused on the long-term development of products, talent, environment, and communities, thereby contributing to the global sustainability drive.

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Product Sustainability

Sustainable materials

Product quality and safety

R&D and innovation

Brand building

Whole-process relationship with fans

Sustainable supply chain

Talent Sustainability

Talent acquisition and development

Employee health and safety

Environment Sustainability

Resource recycling

Energy conservation and emission reduction

Community Sustainability

Industry synergy

Assistance in local development

ESG Governance Structure & Initiatives

To achieve our sustainability vision, we have incorporated ESG into our business strategy and established an ESG governance structure, with the Board of Directors serving as the highest decision-making body, to implement sustainable development strategies using a top-down management approach.

Product Sustainability:

Sustainable materials, product quality and safety R&D and innovation, brand building, whole-process relationship with fans, sustainable supply chain.

Talent Sustainability:

Talent acquisition and development, employee health and safety.

Environment Sustainability:

Resource recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Community Sustainability:

Industry synergy, assistance in local development.